Weigh Module / Load Cells

Compression Weigh Modules

For floor supported platform, tanks, silos, hoppers, conveyors or any other customized scales.

WMF High-Precision Weigh Modules

WMF modules with their slim and compact design are tailored for multi-line automation networks which are directly connected to control systems.

Tension Weigh Modules

Tension weigh modules including integrated safety features for suspended tanks, silos, hoppers, conveyors or any other customized hanging scales.

Strain Gauge Load Cell / Single Ended Beam Load Cells

Load cells for vertical compression or tension load applications.

Double Ended Beam Load Cells

Range from few 100 kg up to several 10 tons. NTEP metrology approval and ATEX, FM for hazardous area.

Canister/Ring Load Cell

Compression canister load cells for high capacity applications. Ring load cells are designed for applications with limited high.

Load cell sensor / Single Point Load Cells

Moment insensitive load cells for direct platform mounting.

Tension Load Cells / S-Beam Load Cells

For tension weighing applications to convert suspended devices into a weighing system.

WKC High-Precision Weigh Modules

WKC weigh modules offer a compact and cost-effective solution for on-board weighing in automated applications where high resolution is needed.

SLP85xD Load Cells

SLP85xD is a digital, single point, strain gage load cell, which is specifically designed to address the needs of dynamic weighing applications.

WMS High-Precision Weigh Module

WMS weigh modules, with their compact design and high precision, can save space in the machine and maximize throughput in production and quality control.

Analog Junction Boxes

For easy connection of multiple load cells to weighing electronics.

WX High Precision Weigh Modules

High resolution analytical balance for automated processes in industrial environment

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