In-Motion Weighing

Standard applications - C31 StandardLine

The dependable accuracy of The C31 StandardLine checkweigher allows its use in a very wide and varied range of industrial production situations

Challenging environments - C33 PlusLine

The robust performance of the C33 PlusLine checkweigher allows its use in nearly all industrial production situations

Complex applications - C35 AdvancedLine

Outstanding precision and versatility allow the use of this checkweigher in all industrial production situations

High Load and End-of-Line Checkweighers

Checkweighers designed for large packages, checking end of line completeness and weight capture in logistics operations up to 120 kg.

Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

Highly effective pharmaceutical checkweighing solutions for serialisation, Track & Trace and tamper-evident applications

Combination Systems

Combination systems which safeguard your brand reputation and ensure product quality and safety with metal detection, vision and x-ray inspection technology

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      “I would like to thank the team at Valley Scale for the outstanding support we received during our unplanned scale outage on Sunday, May 6th. The service team of Andy and Chad provided exceptional service and did so with a smile, despite being called out on a beautiful Sunday Afternoon. Galloway truly appreciates the efforts of your team.”

      Lori - Galloway Company

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