Animal Weighing

Mobile Group Livestock Scale - MAS-M

Rice Lake’s patented mobile design incorporates a low-profile weighing platform to enable faster and easier multi-site livestock weighing.

Portable Group Livestock Scale - MAS-P

The MAS-P’s patented design consists of a rubberized deck and pen sides, suspended on load cells at four points within a portable base frame.

Stationary Livestock Scale - MAS-LC

The MAS-LC provides reliable, accurate weighing for ranchers and processors that prefer a load cell based weighing system.

Mechanical Stationary Livestock Scale - MAS-LM

The MAS-LM provides reliable, accurate weighing for ranchers and processors that prefer a mechanical pipe lever weighing system.

Single Animal Scale - SAS

The SAS single animal scale is Rice Lake’s answer for livestock weighing environments that prefer single animal weighing.

RoughDeck SLV

The SLV offers the features of a RoughDeck® floor scale modified to meet the demands of livestock weighing.

Rice Lake Farm Bars

These heavy-duty, electronic load cell scales can be mounted under most cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates, feed hoppers and custom platforms

920i® Livestock Weigh Center

This Livestock Weigh Center features a built-in 920i indicator and ticket printer in a weatherproof enclosure.

920i® Livestock Weight Indicator

The 920i® Livestock Indicator can be equipped with Group Weighing or single animal Rate of Gain software. With its USB port, animal weight results can be transferred to a flash drive and uploaded to a PC database or spreadsheet.

482-AG Livestock Digital Weight Indicator

Rice Lake’s dual-power 482-AG livestock digital weight indicator is the ideal Legal for Trade indicator for the ranch or farm. The 482-AG is specifically programmed for animal handling needs.

IQ Plus® 390-DC Livestock Weight Indicator

The 390-DC’s optional Live Weigh software accurately measures animal weight for non-Legal for Trade needs.

SURVIVOR® LV Livestock Ring Scale

The LV livestock ring scale delivers a total system for use in new or existing livestock barns or processing plants. Each NTEP Certified, Legal for Trade scale is custom built to fit the exact specifications and requirements for each application

590-AG Livestock Digital Weight Indicator

Rice Lake’s dual-power 590-AG Livestock Digital Weight Indicator is the ideal Legal for Trade indicator for the ranch or farm, programmed for the specific needs of animal handling.

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